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Orlando Baby Sleep Specialist


Who am I?

Hi, my name is Leandré Schoeman and I am a certified sleep consultant, but before we talk sleep let me tell you a bit about myself. 

My husband and I moved to the USA about 5 years ago from South Africa and we absolutely love it. We have been blessed with an amazing baby girl who is full of life. When we became new parents we, like all new parents, thought we got this figured out. Well I can honestly say that all the reading up, baby classes we attend, preparing we did and doctors visits was great and helped so much...but it did not cover everything.

The dreaded sleep thing was definitely one area we thought we have figured out and when our little girl turned 9 months and we haven't had a full nights sleep in all that time I can tell you that we did not feel so great anymore. In fact, we actually felt a bit deflated and exhausted. We needed help! We recognized that our lack of sleep were impacting all areas of our life and it was time to change. 

That's when we discovered an amazing program that had the answers we needed to get our sleep back track. It has been 11 months since then and we now put our little girl to bed at 7pm and only wake up between 6-7am the next morning. We have our sleep and time back! And we are better for it and all areas of our lives benefit from it. 

I have been so impacted by this journey that I have made it my mission to help other moms and families find what we have. This is not just about getting your sleep back, this is about setting up families to succeed in all areas of life. But good sleep is where it start!

If you can relate to my story and are currently deflated, drained and exhausted because of a lack of sleep then continue reading and hear how I can help you...

What I do and how I can help

If there’s one word to describe you, it’s mom (or dad :)) There are many more when it comes to your role as a parent… giving, loving, caring, providing… 

BUT if there’s one word to describe how you feel, it’s TIRED and EXHAUSTED and KNACKERED and at a loss for answers, and I know, that’s more than one word, yet, it all kind of flows together into one big feeling of “HELP!"

Whether you need your child to sleep through the night, or take longer naps during the day, or not get up at 5am, or sleep in their own bed - you’re in the right place. 

This is actually the exact place I was when I discovered “gold.” 

I needed a break, no I needed a change that would give me a break every single night so I could have a restful night and be ready for a new day. 

And what that meant was my child got a break, a break from fragmented, bad quality sleep, which she so desperately needed to better engage and take in what the day had to offer. 

Children are perfectly positioned during their childhood to have the best sleep possible of their whole life. There is no work stress, there is limited social stress and little demand to be perfect.

So if you can help your child learn internal, self soothing skills to fall asleep independently at night and nap times, they will have the best sleep of their lives during childhood. And your entire family benefits!

That’s the best part! Everyone gets to benefit from getting a great night’s sleep and naps (imagine that, a nap for mom or dad).


No matter where you are in your parenting journey with regards to sleep…

    * How many naps should my baby be taking?

    * Why does my baby only want to sleep in my arms?

    * How does crying affect my relationship with my baby?

    * Is there a “perfect time” to put my baby to bed?

    * Why does my baby wake up every 30-45mins? etc.


You are READY to help them sleep through the night and take awesome naps!

But you just don’t know how. You have tried what seems like everything, but nothing is working.

That was me. I totally remember those sleepless nights that ran into each other for months on end. #SoThankfulThatsOver

Here’s what I believe…

    * Parents shouldn’t have to live on zero to little sleep as “part of the package,”                        #parentlife

    * Everyone in the family deserves great, quality sleep and all the help needed to get it

    * Children should be given the opportunity to learn life-long sleep skills

    * Every parent can be the rock star and superhero that teaches their child how to be a  great sleeper

All in all, I am here to help you achieve your sleep goals for your child so that they can benefit from all that great sleep offers, while empowering you to take back the sleep you so well deserve too! 

Why am I the one to help?

I hear you. I understand the struggle. I recognize that you know your child best and together we can help your child sleep through the night and take great naps. All it takes is a customized plan and commitment. I offer my knowledge and support, gained from extensive training with the Sleep Sense Certification Program along with ongoing mentoring and sleep education. 

Baby Sleep specialist in Orlando

How can we jump in?

    * A private consultation (in-person or phone)

    * In-home coaching and support

Which would be best for your situation?

Let’s talk for 15mins (FREE) and evaluate together as we discuss your child’s specific sleep situation. I am a baby sleep consultant in Orlando, Florida and around the world, and I’m a phone call away. The start of great sleep is a phone call away.