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Daylight Savings

It’s happening… this weekend you might be lucky enough to gain an extra hour of sleep or you might be dreading the end of daylight savings, anticipating early wake ups from your kiddos. 

Don’t fear, help is near!

There are a few things you can do; one is starting prior to the time change (as soon as 5 days), or starting after the change, or doing nothing. Let me explain:

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Why does baby wake at 3am?

The single most common question new parents ask, might be, “Why does my baby wakeup at 3am every night?”

Is it a developmental milestone? A regression? Are they getting too much sleep during the day, or not enough? Maybe they’re just hungry. Maybe they’re too hot, or too cold.

Well, the truth is that it could be any of those things, and it could be a combination of several of them.

What that means, and what you’re probably already aware of, is that baby’s sleep is tremendously complicated.

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Is Sleep Training Safe?

As the parent of a new baby, the number of questions you’re going to find yourself asking are, to put it mildly, astronomical.

The old saying about babies not coming with instructions has cemented itself in parental lore for a good reason. Even after spending nine months doing endless research on what to expect when baby arrives, as soon as we’re sent home from the hospital with our little ones, there’s an unavoidable feeling of unpreparedness.

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