Orlando Florida Newborn Sleep Coach



Schedule your FREE 15 minutes evaluation call with a newborn sleep consulting expert in Orlando, and let’s together create a plan for better sleep for you and your little one. 

Pre-Natal / Newborn Package (0-3 months)

Whether you are getting ready to hold your precious little baby in your arms or already have that privilege, these first few months are crucial in forming a beautiful bond that will last a lifetime. It is the perfect time to learn your baby’s cues and gently help guide their routine as both of you adjust and settle in to life together. I am here to help you avoid the sleeplessness that so many experience when coming home with their newest family member.


A preliminary evaluation that will include a comprehensive questionnaire about your sleep goals  and routines while also getting to know your baby better.

A private 60 minute consultation to talk about newborn sleep needs and challenges, discuss strategies and working on establishing healthy sleep habits. 

A detailed and customized sleep plan to help foster healthy sleep habits right from the start.

Follow up support consisting of three phone calls and four follow up emails to be accessed before baby is 3 months old.

Newborn Sleep Consultant in Orlando, FL