Orlando FL Toddler Sleep Consultant



Schedule your FREE 15 minutes evaluation call with me, your Toddler Sleep Consulting Expert in Orlando, and let’s together create a plan for better sleep for you and your little one. 

Toddler Package (19 months & up)

It’s not too late to teach your child healthy sleep skills, even though the typical sleep challenges are a little more complicated than that of infants, including testing boundaries, dropping naps, possibly facing common fears and creative imaginations. Don’t give up hope, independent sleep habits can still be learned, I can help you!


A preliminary evaluation that will include a comprehensive questionnaire about your sleep goals  and routines while also getting to know your toddler better.

A private 60 minute consultation to talk about toddler sleep needs and challenges, discuss strategies and establish healthy sleep habits by addressing bedtime, nap time, night-wakings, and any other specific challenges you might be dealing with.

A detailed and customized sleep plan based on your child’s specific sleep needs.

Follow up support for three weeks, consisting of four phone calls during the first week and unlimited emails during the second and third week to which I will respond within one business day. 

Toddler Sleep Consultant in Orlando, Florida